Bolts & nuts are used in several applications, with a primary function to hold things or components together. A bolt, also known as a screw, does not always have to be used together with a nut. However, a nut is always used together with a bolt. Nuts and bolts serve as the fundamental components in several construction projects. Because they provide strong bonds that do not break even under great amounts of pressure.
Bolts & nuts can have several different styles and types. Each suited to match the needs of a particular application or the needs of the job. A bolt features a thread on a cylindrical shape .The nut features an internal thread which binds with the thread on the bolt.
By running the bolt through the nut, it forms a very strong bond which has the ability to withstand great amounts of stress. The process of binding a nut and a bolt together is usually very simple .It can be complicated depending on the type of bolt & nuts used .Also how the bolt is inserted through an object with the nut on the other side securely binding the object together.
There can be application where vibrations and rotation may cause the nut and bolt to come loose.

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